Brave Power Crystal (BPC)

Brave Power Crystal (BPC) is a token (crypto asset) issued by "BOBG PTE.LTD.”

Name of TokenBrave Power Crystal



Max Supply



BOBG PTE. LTD. (Singapore)

Contract Address (L1 : Oasys Mainnet)


Contract Address (L2 : Home Verse)


How to acquire

BPC can be obtained by purchasing on external exchanges or by converting from Brave Power Crystal Points.

*Brave Power Crystal Points are not crypto assets.


BPC can be used to exchange for "Delta Summon Tickets," the payment currency in the in-game market, and to participate in "Governance Voting," an in-game content feature of "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES." Additionally, BPC can also be bought and sold on external exchanges.

*If a user wishes to use a BPC in BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES, the user must have the BPC on HOME Verse.


The BPC tokens that users earn by playing the game will be distributed on the HOME Verse. The BPCs will be transferred from the deposit contract owned by "BOBG PTE. LTD." on HOME Verse.

As an additional feature, when "Brave Power Crystal Points" are spent in the "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES" game for purposes other than claiming rewards, the corresponding amount of BPCs will be burned from the deposit contract for the "Brave Power Crystal Points" spent.

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