Road Map

We aim to utilize long-term tokens and develop games using them. BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES aims to drastically change the way NFT characters are obtained with the introduction of tokens, allowing users to experience the fun of creating their own NFTs. Former core players of BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES were involved in creating these contents, designed to ensure the long-term development of the game and economy, including game balance.

To start, we will implement PvP content called Rank Match, allowing users to casually enjoy battles and gain tokens to experience BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES gameplay. We will then upgrade GvG content, WCC, and DSC, and continue to update them, creating content that excites and engages users with each other, making the world of BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES more frenetic.

We hope that in the future, the world of BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES will be guided and developed by the community, and we will continue to develop for that goal.

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