BOBG PTE. LTD. has issued two types of tokens, "Brave Power Crystal" and "Eldo Shard," which can be used in the "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES" in-game system. Users can earn "Brave Power Crystal points" and "Eldo Shard points" by engaging in battle content in "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES." By spending these points, users can acquire "Brave Power Crystal" or "Eldo Shard."

Users can use "Eldo Shard" to acquire "Memoria." By freely combining Memoria and spending Brave Power Crystals, users can obtain NFT characters called "Units." By using these "Units" to edit and strengthen their party and by challenging battle content, users have a higher chance of winning rewards. Acquire more Units and become a "HERO" in the world of "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES." Users can also buy and sell Units they acquire on the market in "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES."

Furthermore, "Brave Power Crystal" and "Eldo Shard" can be bought and sold on external exchanges, and "Units" can be bought and sold on external marketplaces.

The World We Aim for with "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES"

"Brave Power Crystal" and "Eldo Shard" can be obtained by performing various activities other than playing the "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES" game.

For instance, you can obtain them by:

  • Helping beginners who are struggling

  • Translating game content

  • Writing articles

  • Broadcasting games

  • Contributing fan art

By rewarding these and other community-expanding activities with "Brave Power Crystals" and "Eldo Shards," we aim to expand the community and economic sphere beyond the "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES" game.

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